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2017 Gwangya Exhibition, the Coreshine splicing track supermarket line lights ar



You may have been exposed to three lights, T5T8 tubes, panel lights, but some strange to the linear cascading lights.

The linear cascading lamp is based on the characteristics of the product, also called the track type led linear lamp. The products are mainly used in large and medium-sized indoor spaces: supermarkets, factory workshops, warehouses, parking lots, exhibition halls, office buildings, and other indoor spaces.

So how did it stand out in this year’s Guangya Exhibition, which is widely favored?


Our booth: 9.3 E36


Neat and elegant, gentle and elegant, light vision

Hot show crowd

There are a lot of people watching exhibitions at home and abroad. Old customers, interested customers and new customers are crowded with booths. The fields are engineering companies, design institutes, lighting designers, lighting decoration companies and so on.

Hot look at the pavilion

Yun Zhiguang two tour groups: Xu Qinghui group, indoor lighting professional group specially came to tour exhibition, the booth to show the crowd to the peak! Live broadcast + designer strongly recommended.

Xu Qinghui group


Mr. Xu Qinghui is a national senior lighting designer and a senior lighting engineer with 20 years of industry experience.

The picture shows Yun Zhiguang Xu Qinghui with a group to visit the booth


The picture shows Yun Zhiguang Xu Qinghui teacher watching the product


The picture shows Yun Zhiguang Xu Qinghui teacher live broadcast


1. Indoor lighting professional group:


The group was led by Teacher Lin Shaodong. More than 20 indoor professional designers came to visit the exhibition and explained their opinions from the perspective of lighting professional designers.


The picture shows Teacher Lin Shaodong watching the product structure design.


The picture shows that Teacher Lin Shaodong recognizes the product and shares it on the spot.


The picture shows the activity photo

Intelligent lighting is the future trend of the lighting industry, enabling a variety of scene lighting needs through light control. In addition to tool-free installation and seamless splicing, the linear cascading lamp has the functions of microwave induction and DALI system dimming.

Many domestic engineering companies expressed great interest in linear cascading lamps at the show. Many of them do supermarket lighting projects, factory lighting projects and parking lot lighting projects want to push this product.

Especially in the supermarket lighting project, the linear cascading lamp has become an upgraded replacement for the traditional T5T8 trunking lamp. In the factory lighting project, the application of linear cascading lamps is becoming more and more popular, giving full play to its power saving advantages and emergency functions.



Gao always receives old customers:


Mia and old customers:


The popularity of linear cascading lights at the show is obvious to all, and it shows that the market is huge. We have already had our products in supermarkets, factories, and 4S shops.

The picture shows the supermarket lighting solution:


The picture shows the factory lighting solution:


The picture shows the car 4S shop lighting solution:


Coreshine offers a complete line of linear cascade lighting solutions, please contact us!

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