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A Great honor to Coreshine: the story after Certificate of Appreciation




Thanks so much that Acoulite Enviromental Sdn.Bhd Grants the Certificate of Appreciation glory to Shenzhen Coreshine Optoelectronics Co.,Ltd” on the December 2019 year for our successful case a sports brand supermarket project.

About coreshine

The design-and-manufacture company builds long-term relationships with architects, facility managers and lighting designers by taking every complex problem personally

When the installation company and owner of your project ask: “your lamp can really achieve the luminous flux and lux value I required? They all said that they were professional manufacturers, and the test reports of the lamps they gave seemed to be good, but did the products they made really meet the brightness requirements and final praise of the end customers?”

Coreshine can be confident and say to your customers: YES, WE CAN! Coreshine is your most professional linear lighting supplier.

Our supermarket clients required.

1.Reduce energy consumption

2.Saving purchase cost

3.reach LUX value requirement

For the 1st requirements,our coreshine have a flexible system S series Linear lighting system can adjust the watts more lower to saving energy consumption and Electricity fee.we used 1.5m 70w can adjustable drivers watts to 65w.

For example, there are 1000pcs lamps lighting up for 1 month can Reduce energy consumption 3600KW.

1000 pcs*5 w*24 H/1000*30 days=3600 KW/H

We all prefer the most cost-effective solution when reaching customer-defined brightness.

For the 2nd requirements,we used blank cover mounting to trunking rails solution to save the S-line 160lm/w 90° luminaires quantity in order to save purchase cost.

As shown in the figure below, the arrangement of our system is blank cover +luminaires;blank cover +luminaires;.. blank cover +luminaires for each line.

The lamps hanging heights are 3.5 meters and 2.4 meters respectively, client required the minimum illumination is 1296 lx and the maximum is 2114 lx by floor.

For the 3rd requirements,Finally our coreshine linear lights have a very good performance tested by lux meter.

The lamps showed Maximum LUX value:

By “UPRteck” brand lux meter


CRI: 82.3

Lux: 2059.6

The lamps showed Minimum LUX value:

By “UPRteck” brand luxmeter


CRI: 82.1

Lux: 1296.5

From the picture below, you can see that our customer put the photometer on the ground for testing, so the luxmeter’s result is a value 0 meters from the ground.

Case More detail information:

Installation height: 3.5 meters and 2.4 meters

Aisle distance: 1.8 meters

Completion: December 2019

Coreshine products: S series Linear lighting system 70W+Blank cover

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