Nowadays more and more lighting scenes are applied to linear elements. The linear lighting market is still huge today and will continue to grow rapidly and comprehensively. The difference now is the transformation from traditional linear lighting to LED technology combined with intelligent lighting to expand the application range of linear lamps.

As the appearance and performance increase, the appearance and application of this luminaire will continue to develop. Tradition is being abandoned, using new materials and using more advanced technology, led linear lighting is also more compact and more efficient.

From the diversity of LED linear lighting styles and installation methods; line lights are flexible products, not standard products; led linear lighting is difficult to define its functions separately, both lighting and visual art functions, product Dimensions, light colors, installation methods, and control methods vary according to each individual space.

It can be customized according to the specific application range, according to the actual installation requirements; freely splicing; built-in light bar light source can also be replaced according to the specific use scene, power and color temperature; in addition, with the popularity of intelligent control systems, in order to increase the sensory experience More and more users prefer to add intelligent control effects to improve the visual artistic effect of space.


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