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Coreshine: Innovating Retail Lighting at Retail Renovation 2023 Expo



The Retail Renovation 2023 Expo is a big event for the retail industry. It is a place where retail businesses can find new products, technologies, and ideas to improve their spaces and sales. The expo will be held on June 13–15, 2023, at Mccormick Place, Chicago.

One of the leading tech companies that will be at the expo is Coreshine. Coreshine makes innovative LED lighting solutions for retail spaces that you should check out at the expo to explore the retail lighting trends.

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Preview of Coreshine 

Coreshine is a leading manufacturer in China that makes LED lights for different places worldwide. We started our journey in 2005 and have been growing ever since. CoreShine has many top-class LED wholesale products like linear, track, and panel lights. We also offer quality services like design, installation, and maintenance.

Coreshine knows a lot about LED lighting and how it can help retail businesses. Nowadays, LED lights are better than traditional lights because they:

● Save energy and money

● Last longer and need less repairs

● Produce less heat and noise

● Show colors more accurately and vividly

● Create different moods and effects

Coreshine has some amazing LED lighting solutions for retail spaces. We can customize our retail lighting products to fit any space and style.

With LED lighting solutions, Coreshine can make any retail space look more modern, elegant, and inviting. Some of our solutions are:

● Linear lights that can create seamless lines of light along the walls, ceilings, or shelves.

● Track lights that can move and adjust to highlight different products or areas.

● Panel lights that can create a soft illumination for the whole space.

Benefits of Coreshine's LED Lighting Solutions for Retail

Coreshine's LED lighting solution can make retail spaces better in many ways. They can:


● Change the mood and feel of the retail space with different colors and brightness levels

● Save extra money and energy by using less electricity and lasting longer than other lights

● Show off the products better by making them look more colorful and clear.


Coreshine's LED lighting solutions are flexible and reliable to meet the unique needs of individual retail businesses. They can be customized to suit any retail space and style. They can:

● Adjust the lights' size, shape, and color to match the space and the products.

● Use smart technology to control the lights from anywhere and monitor their performance.

● Provide top-notch design, installation, and maintenance services to ensure the LED lights work well and look good.

Importance of Retail Renovation 2023 Expo

The Retail Renovation 2023 expo is a great place for Coreshine to show its LED lighting solutions to potential customers. They can:

● Set up a booth and display their retail lighting products in action.

● Talk to retail owners and explain how their retail lighting solutions can help them.

● Give out brochures, samples, and coupons to attract more customers' interest.

The expo is not only a place to sell but also a place to learn and connect. At the expo, Coreshine can:

● Meet other businesses in the retail industry and exchange ideas and contacts.

● See new products and technologies that can improve its retail lighting solutions.

● Listen to industry experts and leaders who can share their insights on retail lighting trends and challenges.

However, the expo aligns with Coreshine's business strategy and objectives. Coreshine can increase its brand awareness and reputation among retail customers and peers by attending the retail innovation expo. It can also generate more leads and sales for their LED lighting solutions.


Coreshine's Participation in the Expo

Coreshine is excited to join the Retail Renovation 2023 Expo. They will have a booth at the following:

● Booth#912 at the expo hall on level 3. 

● The Booth will have a big sign with our logo and slogan.

● The Booth will have different LED lighting products on display.


Coreshine has prepared some marketing materials for the expo to help potential customers learn more about us. We have:

● Brochures that explain their innovative retail lighting products and services in detail.

● Videos that show our retail lighting products in action and testimonials from happy customers.


Coreshine has a professional sales team at the expo. They will:

● Greet potential customers and introduce themselves and their company.

● Ask questions to understand the customers' needs and preferences.

● Show the best LED lighting solutions for retail spaces. 


In a nutshell, Coreshine is a leading manufacturer that should participate in the Retail Renovation 2023 Expo. 

Our quality LED lighting solutions are valuable for retail businesses because they can save money, improve the space, and attract more customers.

Moreover, Coreshine's participation in the expo can help it grow its business and reach more people who need our retail lighting solutions within a reasonable budget.

If you are interested in Coreshine and its LED lighting solutions, contact us at +86-755-2559 9666 or email at

Also, you can visit our website at to learn more about CoreShine and its participation in the expo.

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