Empowering and Customers

Achieve new levels of energy efficiency through intelligent led lighting control. Our connected led lighting systems use knowledge of the illuminated space to deliver the right level of led light in the right place at the right time.

Creat amazing new led lighting experiences, from transforming and landmark with dynamic full-color led light, to enabling the led lights in your place to flash your teams colors when they score, to personalizing the led lighting at right place as you like.

Realize outstanding business outcome. For example, drive sales and customer loyalty in a supermarket with luminaires that transmit location based discounts and other services to areas via a control system. Or optimize energy usage and cleaning schedules in a offices and etc….. connected luminaires and sensors that collect information and use light.

Coreshine is a high-tech enterprise gathering the R&D, production, global sales and service of led lighting products. Our led lighting is used in commercial, industries, institutions, supermarkets, hospitals, stadiums, warehouses and so on.