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    Warehouse Lighting Solutions

    Your warehouses need extra light and proper ventilation for the storage of different goods and to keep the area illuminated all the time. There are different types of warehouse lighting systems, choosing the best one that is energy efficient, is important. If you are looking for such warehouse lighting systems for your warehouse, you have come at the right place. We are bringing you the latest lighting systems that will keep your warehouse and similar other areas illuminated all the time.

    Warehouse lighting solutions provided by Shenzhen Coreshine Optoelectronics Co Ltd, are second to none. We always bring you the best solutions and support through latest technologies and application systems of LED lightings. Our products are amazing and in demand for warehouses.

    You have to choose the right Warehouse lighting system and place your order. We also offer manufacturer’s warranty, support in installation, easy return policies, timely delivery and a lot more.

    Feel free to contact us or go through our warehouse lighting collection and leave rest of the work on us.

    Case show

    Coreshine linear lighting solution is perfect for warehouse or distribution center. High maintenance cost and hard work makes a high electric cost .Coreshine LED linear trunking system is designed to solve those problems and the solution is based on?Dialux simulation and with the experience of real case.

    Case Example: warehouse simulation

    In this warehouse case, surface is 46.56*20.3 ㎡. Room height is 10m, mounting height is 8.5m. Mainly lighting plan is on the merchandise shelf ,arr illumination is over 700 lux. In this project , we use the narrow and double asymmetric angle .

    1. DIALUX 3D rendring simulation:

    2. Color(lux) rendring simulation:

    3. Luminaire parts list:

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