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    Supermarket Lighting Solutions

    Energy consumption at supermarkets is increasing day after day as it may consume around 25% of all electricity consumption. Moreover proper fixture design is also important to avoid extra operational challenges to supermarkets.

    At Shenzhen Coreshine Optoelectronics Co Ltd, we keep in mind all the important points, energy efficiency and use of lighting. We have brought to you the latest supermarket lighting systems that are energy efficient and ensure proper light levels specific to each application. Come to us and you will get the best quality and certified LED, induction and different types of lighting systems and solutions that will fit your budget and fulfill your requirement for proper lighting. Our Supermarket lighting systems play a pivotal role in incorporating LED bulbs that are fixed in the existing overhead fixtures to ensure proper natural like lighting.

    Please go through our supermarket lighting systems, choose the best one and place your order. Our price tags are also affordable; while manufacturer’s warranty, easy return policy, etc make us a trusted and a one stop name to get supermarket lighting systems.

    Case show:

    Coreshine linear trunking system is a solution innovated for supermarket. Lighting all of your shelf space constantly can be a huge energy drain. Coreshine supermarket lighting solution is based on Dialux simulation and with the experience of real case.

    Case Example: supermarket simulation

    It is a double floor supermarket ,every floor is 46.56*20.3 ㎡.Mainly lighting plan is on the merchandise shelf ,arr illumination is over 700 lux.In this project , we use the narrow and double asymmetric angle .

    1. DIALUX 3D rendring simulation:

    2. Color(lux) rendring simulation:

    3. Luminaire parts list:

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