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How to choose LED Linear lighting?

Browse:850 Date:2016-03-17 

There are more and more LED Linear lighting on the market,then we have a problem,how to get the products attractive in price and quality?

On the issue, action industry professionals have some tips ,

1, Brightness.the more light, the greater the number of lumens. the greater the number of lumens, the higher the brightness of the light

2,The wavelength. The same wavelength,the ?consistent color.

3, Color temperature.Warm light is below 3300 k, the Daylight white is "more than 5300 k, and "the netural color" 3300 k to 5300 k.

4, The leakage current.The leakage current bigger,the life of the light shorter.


6,Low ?maintenance. Easy to order and install, requiring less time.

7, Flexible