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Suspension Installation Of Corshine LED Linear Trunking System

Browse:1899 Date:2015-03-17 

LED linear trunking lights are available in suspended, surface-mounted and recessed versions. Its very easy to mount the linear system by hand without tools, save both time
and costs when updating our LED linear light. The rod/chain/cord suspension installation is tool free. Suspension height adjustment is also entirely tool-free. Even with new
installations, only trunking rail and corresponding mounting hardware is needed.
Suspension mounting brackets have been designed to allow maximum ease and speed in installation. The position of the mounting bracket can still be changed once clicked
onto the trunking rail, this ensures maximum flexibility. All brackets are simply clicked on the trunking rail. They are suitable for direct fixation or with rods, chains or cords
for suspension fixation. Distance between the brackets is up to 3000mm, resulting in faster installation and lower costs.

Maximum distance between suspension points: 3000mm.
If node connector in the first position, the maximum suspension points distance from node end
The first suspension point to end of trunking rail is 100-800mm.
to the first trunking rail is 100-800mm, and the second to the third trunking rail suspension distance is 3000mm