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Supply High Quality Linear Suspension Lighting at Competitive Price

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CoreShine Linear Lights are available in suspended, surface-mounted and recessed versions. It’s very easy to mount the linear system by hand without tools, save both time and costs when updating our LED linear light. Our suspension mounting brackets have been designed to allow maximum ease and speed in installation. The position of the mounting bracket can still be changed once clicked onto the trunking, this ensures maximum flexibility. All brackets are simply clicked on the trunking. A maximum suspension span of 3m ensures quick and easy installation with fewer suspension points.



CoreShine brings you creative, visually appealing linear suspension lighting solutions that you can install the lightings in commercial interiors to brighten the place efficiently. Our energy-saving suspension lights are featured with LED technology that allows them to take no warm up time while getting switched on. Being efficient and effective, our suspension lights have ultra-thin profiles, durability and modern aesthetic due to which they are highly demanded when manufacturing. Their minimal glare and uniqueness in light distribution makes them to be the popular lighting solutions that consume comparatively less power. Our lightings do not contain lead, mercury in their construction and are environmentally safe to use. We have a collection of stylish, sleek and innovative suspension lighting that you can install in hotels, offices, restaurants and anywhere else.



CoreShine delivers truly meaningful lighting by combining our deep understanding of customers needs with our expertise in led lighting technology, human behavior, and the biological effects of lights. We believe that everyone should experience and interact with the best light possible at every moment of the day or night. We are one of the few companies offer solutions across the lighting-including software, controls, luminaires, light sources and modules. As a reliable supplier in LED lighting, we have global customers and a good market position. We have got top-class innovation,  design capabilities, deep applications and systems integrated expertise.