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Supermartket lighting solutions Of Entrance And Exit

Browse:642 Date:2015-11-30 

In the supermarket,different locations require different lighting design.In order to satisfy customers' purchasing desire,supermarket lighting layout should be designed according to products' categories,location,displaying style and building style.

The entrance and exit of the supermarket is the place where there are most people,especial on holidays.For the sake of safety,supermarkets are always equipped with supervision system.The bright of the entrance and exit should be stronger than other locations.LED liner lighting and halide lighting can be applied to solve this problem to provide great lighting.

Unique supermarket lighting design can attract customers' attention and appeal to walkers far away the supermarket.So that your supermarket can catch people's eyes from many shops.As for the color temperature,neutral color temperature is suitable for about 4300K to create bright,spacious,comfortable and warm ambience but not too shinning.