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Supermarket Passageway Lighting Solution

Browse:791 Date:2016-08-22 

First,we should take the supermarket passageway into account in the process of lighting layout.The passageways play a directive role while people shopping.In the ,basic light is enough.We can use LED linear lighting to achieve the directing purpose.You can take up with special lighting to make the space look more clean and directive.The lighting ?about 200-400 LUX is ok.The color temperature should be approximately 4500K.

Elaborated supermarket lighting design system can create pleasure atmosphere to satisfy consumers' good shopping experience from physical to mental.You would better parallelize the passageway with the LED linear lighting to obtain average lighting performance.The width of the passageway should be also good planned.

Excellent supermarket solutions not only can save energy but also attract more customers.If you have any problem with the lighting layout,please contact us!