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Made in China could be the label of High quality

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Today we want to show our company and product the LED Linear Trunking System , however the key point we want show is not our product but our faith and the
result that we could make the “ MADE IN CHINA” to be high quality and reliable .

But first we would like to show some information of our product

We do know many kinds of product especially LED product which is Made in China looks like the low quality and cheaper price for the impression .From 2014 till now
,we are showing our LED Linear Trunking System to the world . At the same time , we are showing the high quality impression of “ MADE IN CHINA” to the world .

We have ISO program for the QC system , however we are not only doing the paper work , but also we do a lot of thing in action. We don’t only have some common
machine like the SMT , Goniophotometer Light distritution test system and Integrating sphere etc , but also some others .

In order to make sure the quality control is well and speed up the delivery time , we invest a lot of facility

We have the perfect show room in our office

And 72 hours aging time to test the reliability

We have been investing a lot on the different facility, because we are going to do our best on the quality control and speed up the delivery time .Because of ourinsist
to make the high quality product , finally we get more and more high appreciate from our customers and great successful cooperation.

We have done some successful projects for industrial , commercial area etc.

That 's the way we show to the world , we are making high value product to prove" Made in China " is not the label of " Cheaper product " , like some of our partners
say " Your Linear product does not like Chinese but German "! Now we are very proud of telling the world that" sorry ,but our Coreshine linear is Made in China !"

And we will keep hard working to make our product and service better and better !