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LED Linear Lighting Solution of Fresh Food For Supermarket

Browse:732 Date:2016-08-22 

In a survey was found that consumers demand fresh appearance of food and good appearance of food can improve sales volume of your supermarket.Researchers found that LED linear lights are the perfect choice for fresh food and fruits in supermarket.Supermarket LED linear lights not only help to cut down operating costs but also extend fresh life of most meat products.

During display in the refrigerated unit under conventional light,the color of fresh food gets changed due to its natural chemistry and exposure to oxygen.Customers refuse to buy meat that is discolored.So it becomes huge loss for the retailers.It is not advisable to use high watts lighting here,because fresh fruits will lose water and nice color on the surface.No ultraviolet and cold lighting also need.For fresh vegetables,we can use frame lighting to low down the heat of the lighting and save energy.The whole temperature should be 4300k or 6400k to create a fresh and ecological feel so that the fruits will look more natural.LED linear have colder internal product temperatures,which help increase product fresh life.