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LED Linear Lighting Narrow Angle For Hospital Corridor

Browse:730 Date:2015-04-23 

Narrow angle for hospital corridor :
Basic conditions:
For hospital corridor
Ceiling Height :2.9M;  Mounting Height:2.8M;  Corridor  Width :2.5M;  Corridor Length :36M;
Luminaire data
Luminaire Power :40W;  Efficiency: 130lm/W;  Length :  1416mm;  Luminaire supplement: blind lamp;  Luminaire Quantity : 8pcs
-Narrow angle is especially designed for corridors , passages and aisles applications .
-It gives the most suitable illumination , not too bright or too dark , in case not to cause any eyes’ uncomfortably, especial for the patients in hospital.
-Easily installed as an uniformity illumination which gives a lighting band for the passage.
-Blank cover decorate the empty spaces of trunking.