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LED Linear Lighting Sharp Angle For Warehouse Lighting

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Sharp angle for Warehouse lighting
Basic conditions:
For warehouse
Shelf  height :  6M;  Mounting height :  8.5M;  Warehouse area: 924.25㎡
Luminaire data
CoreShine LED Linear Lighting sharp angle; Light Source: LED;  Luminaire power: 40W; Efficiency: 130lm/W; Luminaire Length:  1416mm; Luminaire QuantityL: 70pcs

The sharp angle give high intensity lights,so the goods can be easily and clearly seen. In this way , it reduces searching time , increase warehouse operation efficiency, which
indirectly do a lot help for a fast delivery to clients.
With uniform illumination ,it helps to light up a continues shelving.
Because of high lumen output, the failure rate of warehouse operation will be largely reduced without extra cost.