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Easy Lamp Mounting Of Coreshine Linear Lighting

Browse:736 Date:2015-03-19 

All system components, trunking rail and luminaire inserts are perfectly matched according to 1416mm/570mm system dimensions. Triple, double and single-length rails can
be combined to comply with the space involved. Modules can be positioned in the rails with randomly defined distances according to system dimensions for both trunking
rail and individual luminaire installations, meaning that mounting and installation is highly rapid. This is good for the budget in terms of time, costs, logistics, replacements,
and installation. Pre-assembled rail connectors enable the rapid connection of trunking rails, and X, L and T connector elements give more design possibilities when deciding
on trunking configurations.
1. Suspend the first trunking rail, Click brackets onto trunking rails 2. Click! Push to connect the trunking rails

3. Suspend next trunking rail 4. Phase selection, select phase 1/2/3

5. Electrical connection of luminaire and trunking rail. 6. Move the lateral level locks, to secure the mechanical connection of luminaire and trunking rail.

7. Suspension height 1-2cm adjustable
8. Cover the end-cap to the last one luminaire.