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Double asymmetric angle for supermarket lighting (shelving )

Browse:971 Date:2015-11-27 

Double asymmetric angle for supermarket lighting (shelving ):
Basic condition:
For Supermarket shelving:
Ceiling Height : 3.75M;   Mounting Height:3.15M;  Shelf Interval Distance:1.7M;  Shelf Surface Area :64.36㎡;  Shelf Height :1.7M;
Shelf Length :37.86M;   Supermarket Shelving Area; 531㎡
Luminaire data:
CoreShine LED double asymmetric angle ;  Light Source :LED;  Luminaire Power:40W ;   Efficiency : 130lm/W;  Lumnaire Length :1416mm;
Lumnaire Quantity :110pcs

-Emphasis on shelf surface of both sides.
-It gives more lights on shelving surface,  which needs more illumination on goods displayed to catch consumers’ attention, but gives less illumination to unimportant areas.
-This double asymmetric angle is perfect for this shelving In supermarkets or retailing stores for goods on display .It help attract consumers’ attention and increase sales.