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DALI System Of LED Linear Light

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CoreShine led linear system has three options of wiring connec- tion: 5 wires, 7 wires and 11 wires. Only 7 and 11 wires options are suitable for DALI system
among these options, only 2 wires are related to the dimming function.
According to the DALI system rules, it has 16 groups and 16 light scenes, each group has 0-4pcs luminaires and each light scene c- an set up all of the groups.
The standard of CoreShine’s electr- ical wire is 2.5 square millimeter, it allow to withstand 16A maxi- mum current, which means the whole system can ensure
about 40pcs 80w 150cm Led Linear or 58pcs 60w 150cm led linear light running normally.