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Coreshine LED PL Lamp For Contemporary Restaurant Lighting

Browse:678 Date:2016-08-25 

CoreShine LED PLC is ideal for restuarant lighting .It ?fits well of downlights fixture and replace cfl PLC (G24 2pin or?G24 4pin).
CoreShine LED PL lamps are a comprehensive application of LED optoelectronic fantastic light source that is both energy efficient and decorative allowing us?to create an?
ambient?setting or environment a special feature atmosphere.?
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Coreshine adopts constant-current output power to fully guarantee the long life span and stable performance of the products. By using the excellent leds with?wonderful
color?rendering index ,high lumen maintain rate ,no-flicker trait ,our products make your facilities more bright ,besides it can bring ?you more attractive and harmonious?
atmosphere. Know More - Led Linear Lighting.