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Supermarket lighting Application


Linkable trunking rail linear light (5 wire/8wire/12wire)

Sensor control: daylight, microwave.

Spot light module, combine basic lighting with spot lighting.

Shelves area (blank cover solution)

Suspension install, no track, pre-wired

Coreshine’s advantage for supermarket lighting

1.cost effective, high efficacy 160lm/w, same lux requirement for a 3000 square meter supermarket, coreshine linear lighting saves 65$ compare with traditional tube light for 16 hours lighting everyday. That’s 23700$ a year.
2. Easy install, lights work immediately when install finished, no ceilling and track needed, as coreshine did all module work, pre-wire work.
3. Strong function, dimmable,sensor module, emergency module, spot light support by function module.
4.5 years warranty.


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