Sensor and Dimming Function

    DALI can control a single light fitting or a defined group of light fittings withing a network . It brings remarkable flexibility to lighting systems.Download content: Coreshine DALI and Sensor specifications

    The most important feature of DALI is that every luminaire has its own unique address, and we can dim the luminaire accurately via the DALI system. Of course, the main purpose of dimming is to save the energy and cost. CoreShine DALI system is suitable for co- mplex application to manage the lighting in different rooms and store, for daylight dependent control.

    Dali Master control software:

    CoreShine led linear system has three options of wiring connection: 5 wires, 7 wires and 11 wires. Only 7 and 11 wires options are suitable for DALI system, among these options, only 2 wires are related to the dimming function. According to the DALI system rules, it has 16 groups and 16 light scenes, each group has 0-4pcs luminaires and each light scene c- an set up all of the groups. The standard of CoreShine’s electr- ical wire is 2.5 square millimeter, it allow to withstand 16A maxi- mum current, which means the whole system can ensure about 40pcs 80w led linear or 58pcs 60w led linear light running normally.

    Except DALI dimming system, we also integrate the 1-10V dimming into the led linear trunking system. Without the computer, 1-10V also can save the energy and cost with the high accuracy and efficiency. Besides, on the premise that working voltage and working power supply in level situation, its variation range is still wide, whose advantage allow it to be widely used in some special application and different workplace.

    The multi-sensor system is embodied in the sensor module, which means the simple integration of daylight control and presen- ce detection in the trunking system with DALI luminaire inserts. The sensor modules with their wide ranges and diverse detection area enable a wide flexibility for possible applications. Versions are available for mounting height of 5 to 8 meters or for heights of 6 to 10 meters to give various ranges of detection. High energy savings of up to 80% can be achieved with the com- bination of daylight control and presence detection. We have 2 options for sensor: Microwave sensor or Daylight and Microwave Sensor.