CS Linear light - L/R Asymmetric

    LED linear trunking system with L/R asymetric angle Lens. Applie to light up the displays which against the wall in retail shop or in museum.

    Coreshine LED Linear Luminaire for Coreshine linear trunking

    with beaded lens |6 distributions options | 5/7/11 core wiring choice.

    | housing of aluminium profile, with black, white and silver finish color for selection.

    Lumen efficiency: 160lm/W

    Protection rating: IP20

    Temperature range: -30°C…+40°C

    Service life: up to 50,000 h

    Warranty: 7 years

    Luminaire Dimension
    L (mm) W (mm) H2 (mm) Wt. (g) Qty/CTN

    0.6m 568 73 37.8 980 5pcs
    1.5m 1414 73 37.8 2500 5pcs

    Luminaire Parameter
    Power LED Qty Lumen CRI UGR Extra Modular Option

    L/R Asymmetric Distribution

    0.6m 16W 72pcs 2400lm >80/>95 19 /
    26W 120pcs 3900lm >80/>95 19 /
    32W 144pcs 4800lm >80/>95 19 /

    1.5m 40W 180pcs 6000lm >80/>95 19


    Motion Sensor

    65W 300pcs 9750lm >80/>95 19


    Motion Sensor

    80W 360pcs 12000lm >80/>95 19


    Motion Sensor

    Order No. System
    Type Length Wire CT Beam Power(W) Color

    CSL / 60=0.6M -- 5 / 30=3000K -- S=Sharp / 16 / WH-White
    15=1.5M 7 40=4000K N=Narrow 26
    11 50=5000K W=Wide 32 BK-Black
    60=6000K F=Flat 40
    SR=Right Asymmetric 65 SG-Silver
    SL=Left Asymmetric 80
    DS=Double Asymmetric

    E.g: CSL/15-11/40-W/80/WH stands for   1.5M 80W luminaire with 4000K CT, Wide Beam, 11 wire, White color housing.

    * For extra function ( like dimming & emergency ) modular, please order seperately.

    For CS Linear light sharp angle supermarket application, pls click here.